We realize the key to your overall satisfaction is directly dependent upon the quality of people who perform the service.  You can expect consistent, high quality, and friendly service with every interaction.

We value continuous education to maintain industry leading pest management techniques.  Our Technical Services Team undergoes extensive training and certification prior to beginning work on your sensitive account; and continues to expand technical and service knowledge through ongoing in-house training to ensure you receive the most qualified and experienced professionals servicing your facilities.

Terminix has access to the most extensive group of technical, professional experts in the industry through the Copesan alliance.  As part of the Copesan group of professionals, we are recognized experts in the field of pest management for being leaders in research, training, education, advancements in strategies for service delivery and for defining pest management for the future.



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The QualityPro mark designates that our Technical Services Team ascribes to professional pest management standards that far exceed the requirements of provincial and federal regulations.  QualityPro is considered “the mark of excellence in pest management” as it is designed to increase professionalism in the pest management industry.

Our Technical Services Team is fully government licensed, insured and bonded.  We undertake extensive background checks including driving and criminal history so you can trust us in your sensitive work environment.  Terminix strives to maintain a drug-free workplace to ensure a healthful, safe, and secure workplace.

QualityPro GREEN

Having QualityPro Green certification demonstrates our commitment to the most comprehensive environmentally friendly approach to treating your pest problems.  We only apply pesticides when necessary and after an investigation of the source of the problem.

Terminix focuses on three fundamental elements through the QualityPro Green certification:

  1. Pest prevention – proactive approach focused on prevention and maintenance as a long-term solution for eliminating tough pests
  2. Multiple strategies and tools – multiple strategies and tools are integrated into a comprehensive program to maximize effectiveness of treatment
  3. Systems approach – pest management is coordinated with other activities in and around the facilities

Terminix has adopted an environmental care philosophy.  We are committed to sustainability and will work with you to provide the most effective and green solution possible.

QualityPro SCHOOLS

The management of pests within school buildings, on fields and playgrounds, demands special care and attention to protect students and teachers alike.  We recognize the sensitive nature of the school environment and are committed to reduce risks associated with pests and pest management.  As a QualityPro Schools company, our Technical Services Team has studied pest management techniques specially tailored for schools and have been tested and certified in pest control management for schools.


The Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulations administered by the Ministry of Environment regulate the sale, use and handling of pesticides in the province; and promotes an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control.  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecological approach to pest management that focuses on techniques to eliminate pests effectively, economically, and with an environmental consciousness.  It is a long-standing process that is scientifically based and relies on the use of pest biology, environmental facts and other available technologies.  A key component of IPM is prevention with a focus on minimizing the use of pesticides.  Following the IPM approach coincides with our commitment to environmental sustainability – with every service, for every client, we emphasize quality, consistency, collaboration and respect for the environment.





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