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I'm noticing lots of red, bumpy bites on myself in the morning, could I have Bedbugs?

Quite Possibly!

With the rapid rate of bed bugs spreading through travel, moving and used furniture purchases, they could have found their way into your home or workspace. The first step to be sure is to visit a doctor that can tell you if the reaction is indeed bed bug related. The second step would be to get an inspection done. Once we determine if there are bed bugs in your home, we can then formulate a treatment plan.

Because bed bugs need to feed on humans to live, they can typically be found in bedding and couches; however they will travel to find a meal. It is important to know that having bed bugs does not necessarily mean that you are “dirty” or do not look after your space. Bed bugs can affect anyone who simply comes into contact with someone that has them, and can be treated with proper preparations and cooperation.

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs?

It’s difficult to determine the cost of a treatment without knowing what type of structure you live in (e.g. a detached home, an apartment suite, a townhouse, etc.) and whether or not your neighbours may have the same problem (this would only apply in a multiple dwelling situation). Every case is unique, and for that reason, we recommend calling one of our representatives for a free estimate.

What are these bed bug detection dogs I've heard about?

CARE Pest is the first pest control company in Metro Vancouver to use bed bug sniffing dogs. A preferred alternative to human inspectors, these dogs can smell bed bugs that we cannot! Dogs have a well-developed sense of smell and can lead their trainer directly to your infestation—even if you have bed bugs tucked away in crevices, wall cracks or in furniture.



I have little holes all over my yard what could that be?

Assuming you live in the Lower Mainland, there are two likely causes of these holes. The first is chaffer beetles. It is not the beetles that are doing the damage, but it might be the crows trying to get at the beetles. These beetles can be controlled using nematode sprays.

The other possibility is moles. Moles are insectivores that live under lawns and feed off of grubs and insects that would be under the ground. These creatures dig runways around the property, and there would be mounds where they come up to the surface. We can treat for either of these scenarios.

I hear noises in my attic. What do you think they could be?

This is a very common problem. It could be a number of different possibilities. If you hear the noises at night, it could be a rat, mouse or raccoon problem. If the noises are heard during the daytime, it could be a squirrel or bird problem. We have solutions for any of these scenarios, call our office to help figure out the best treatment for your problem!

I am finding lots of sawdust material around my back deck. What could this be from?

Often times, the sawdust from wood structures can be caused by carpenter ants. These woodboring ants are usually easy to identify by their large size, and can be quite damaging if not treated by a professional. Carpenter ants can be found in many places around your property (not only the home itself), and can often have noticeable trails to/from wood piles, tree stumps, or any wood structure that they are looking to build their nests in. Our highly qualified technicians can provide quotes that will break down areas to be treated, costs and even warranties to ensure the infestation is controlled.

I just bought a new house and I want a full fumigation, is this possible?

Actually, what we do is offer inspections that can identify any pest problems that could be potentially dangerous to your home or health. From the initial inspection visit, our pest control professionals can offer estimates for pest specific treatments that are the safest and least disruptive to your home. Whether your concern is pest related or even keeping pesky wildlife away, inspections are the best way to gather piece of mind in knowing that your home is, and will remain pest free!

I'm seeing wasps flying in and out of a hole, but i don't see a nest. Can you take care of this?

Yes, there is a nest inside the structure. The wasps are just using that hole as an entrance/exit point. In this case, we would have to safely apply an insecticide into the point of entry and have it reach the nest for proper elimination. Please call one of our customer service representatives for further information.



How do you get rid of mice in a house?

There are a couple of different ways we can deal with mice in your home. The first is through the use of a conventional mouse trap. Our technicians are experienced in where to safely but effectively place traps throughout your home, and through a series of follow-up visits, we can customize your program to eradicate the mice in your home.

Alternatively, we can install tamper-resistant bait stations that contain a rodenticide bait. These stations would be placed in areas safe from small children and pets, but accessible to mice.

Either treatment comes with a warranty, please call our office and speak to one of our customer service representatives for further information.

Can I prevent rats and mice from entering my home?

Yes, through the use of exclusion devices like galvanized screen and door guards. Rats can enter through holes as small as one half of an inch, and mice can enter through openings half that size (i.e. one quarter of an inch). This makes it important to note that the smaller the pest, the more challenging it is to seal off all the points of entry.

When sealing a home against rodents, it’s important to do it after all the rodents have been eliminated, so as not to trap them inside. Once we’ve achieved this, it’s important to identify any existing or potential points of entry (i.e. access points). These are then sealed with 1/4″ galvanized screen (eg. soffits, pipe openings and obvious cracks and crevices around a structure).

Call a CARE Pest & Wildlife representative for further information in how to pest proof your home or workplace.

Do you have a service that cleans the rat droppings out of my attic?

Yes—we offer a service which we call attic clean up. With this service, we clean the fecal matter left behind from rodents or wildlife in attics, crawlspaces, false ceilings, garden sheds, etc. through the use of HEPA vacuums and viricides. All waste is safely bagged, sealed and disposed of. We also offer a re-insulation service, where we remove all the old urine and fecal saturated insulation in your attic or crawlspace, and replace it with new insulation. It is important to do a cleanout only after the pest problem is eradicated and the points of entry are sealed up so as not to have new pests enter into the home. Please call one of our representatives for further information.



We have squirrels building a nest in our fisher insert flue. How can they be removed?

We recommend identifying the point-of-entry and installing a humane door over this area. This will humanely remove the squirrels inside the flue, but not allow them to get back in. The challenge we face at this time of year, is that we are near baby season, and if there is a litter inside, we may have to wait until the babies are mobile (unless we can physically remove the litter ourselves), then we can proceed with our installation.

What is humane pest control, and do you practice this?

Yes, CARE Pest is one of the pioneers of humane pest control. This term refers to pest control where the animals are harmed as little as possible but still effectively removed from your dwelling. CARE Pest has had discussions with the BC SPCA to further improve the humaneness of their practices.



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Call Toll Free: 1 800 997 9422
Lower Mainland: 604 432 9422
8620 Commerce Court
Burnaby, BC
V5A 4N6