Since 2000, CARE Pest & Wildlife Control has provided specialized treatments based on a wide-range of pest problems. Recognizing the difference between one species of ant and another, for example, can make a profound impact on how we solve your problem. Our professionals can help you identify what common pest you may have. Below is a list of common pests that we encounter.

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Carpenter ants removal. Vancouver Pest control

Carpenter ants are a structurally wood-boring insect found in and around homes where there might be an abundance of trees, foliage, stored firewood, old trees,stumps or wet wood. Carpenter ants are 1/4″ to 3/4″ in length, and are usually black in colour.

“Big and black” are the two common terms homeowners use to describe these ants.

Reproductive ants have wings. In the home, people may notice signs of damage by seeing actual holes (known as galleries) in wood, especially structural posts or beams or by seeing a sawdust-like material, commonly referred to as “frass”.

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Pharaoh ants are very tiny (about 1/16″ in length) and yellowish to light brown in colour.

They are found in kitchen and bathroom cupboards, on counters and on the floors.

They will go after any exposed foods for example, pet food, spilt food in cupboards or any food that collects behind major appliances.

Pharaoh ants are among the most difficult pests to control. It is extremely important not to spray any chemicals or cleaners in the areas where they are travelling.

It is also important to make sure there are no food sources available to them.

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Terminix pavement ants. Vancouver pest control

Pavement ants are usually found in concrete cracks, either along driveways, patios, sidewalks or the foundation of the home.

These ants are about 1/8″ to 1/4″ inch in length, and are dark brown to black in colour.

Pavement ants tend to get inside your home or office, and a tell-tale sign (other than the actual ants of course) is when you find sand or dirt along the baseboards of the room (usually on the ground floor or basement level of the structure).

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bed bug removal. Vancouver Pest ControlBed bugs are an exponentially increasing pest found in homes, hotels and various other types of buildings throughout the Lower Mainland.



cockroach vancouver pest controlThe “German” cockroach is most prevalent in the Lower Mainland.

They’re found in kitchens, bathroom cupboards, pantry closets, appliances in most residential homes, apartments and townhomes.

They’re also found in some restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, delis, food courts and even non-food establishments!

The technology for treating roaches has significantly improved in the last few years.

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terminix fleas. vancouver pest controlDog and cat fleas are prevalent throughout households.

They usually live in homes where there are or were pets.

They need blood for food, so you would know if you had them due to irritation and bite marks on your legs and ankles – or irritation to your pet.

They are most active in the summer time , and are found on the floors (all types, including carpet, linoleum, tile, hardwood and concrete), on window sills, under couch and armchair cushions, on closet floors and under beds.

We recommend consulting with your veterinarian and getting your pets on a flea control program, and getting your home or office professionally treated.

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terminix housefly. vancouver pest controlThere are a number of different types of flies one might experience in their home or office (such as blow, cluster, drain, fruit and house flies).

More often than not, there is a source that is the cause of these pests (such as a dead rodent or bird in the walls, organic matter in the drains or poor sanitation).

There are a number of different treatment methods that can utilized in a fly control program. If you have a fly problem, Contact Terminix Canada for more information on getting rid of flies today.




Rodents removal. Vancouver Pest ControlMice and rats, while considered cute by some, may harbour diseases.

Both types of rodents are nocturnal, so you may hear them chewing, scratching or gnawing in your walls at night.

Mice and rats are found in all types of buildings. In a residential home, you may find mice, rats or their droppings (which are black in colour) underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks, along baseboards behind major appliances, in the crawlspace or attic.

In a commercial or industrial site, you may find droppings in areas such as boiler rooms, behind desks, in cafeterias, in false ceilings, behind storage racks in warehouses, etc.

CARE Pest offers various types of rodent control programs to suit your needs.

Included in our programs are trapping, baiting, pest maintenance programs, point of entry inspections, exclusion and attic cleanup.

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Terminix silverfish. Vancouver pest controlSilverfish are common in homes, offices and schools.

They are usually found in areas of high heat and humidity.

In homes, one would typically find these bugs under kitchen and bathroom sinks, in cupboards, around baseboards, in furnace and laundry rooms, attics and crawlspaces.

They’re also found in commercial buildings like restaurants, bakeries and office towers.

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About 12 types of spiders are found throughout North American homes.

Spiders are a nuisance for many, and are occasionally dangerous to humans.

Treatment around the inside (i.e. baseboards, window sills, door frames lower level cupboards) and outside perimeter is necessary.

Trimming back bushes and shrubs from the house will help to reduce insect activity around your home.

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Stored Products pests feed on non-perishable food products (such as rice, pastas, crackers, breads, cereals or any other foods you store in your cupboards).

If you have these pests, you may have brought them in from your local grocer, who may have brought them in from their supplier.

There are different treatment methods available to solve your stored product pest problem, Contact Terminix Canada for more information.



Although not very common in the Lower Mainland, due to the popularity of this insect throughout North America, many homeowners may automatically associate an ant with a termite.

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Everyone knows the risk of having a hornet or wasp nest around.

They can be found almost anywhere (under eaves, in trees, in the ground, on walls, in attics), and sometimes by surprise! Many times nests are not even visible.

Instead of seeing an actual nest, you might just notice constant activity moving in and out of a hole in a wall or in the ground.

Wasp and hornet stings can be dangerous, especially with people prone to allergies.

If you have an active nest, Contact Terminix Canada and have it dealt with immediately.






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Call Toll Free: 1 800 997 9422
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