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Squirrel Control in Vancouver

Squirrels are quite common in urban areas and it is typical to see them on your property, usually in the yard; however once they enter your home it becomes a problem. Squirrels, although small in size, can cause some sizeable structural damage. Common damage caused by squirrels can be holes in the ceiling and insulation damage. They are also known to chew wood and wires. Finally, their droppings can create quite a mess. If you have noticed a squirrel taking up residency in your home, we can help.

SquirrelTo get rid of squirrels we use a pest control method called exclusion work. This includes screening of entry-points and installing a one-way door which allows the squirrel to exit the premises, but not re-enter. We remove the door about a week later and screen up the area to avoid future re-entry. Our technicians also look for additional points of entry and screen them up as well, which prevents the squirrel from finding a new access point. If a squirrel has left a mess behind, we can send one of our wildlife technicians onsite to do a free estimate and see how we can clean up the mess, and get rid of any strong odors or harmful pathogens they may have left behind.

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