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Silverfish Infestation Control in Vancouver

SilverfishSilverfish are a small wingless insect with six legs. The name “silverfish” comes from the insect’s silvery light grey appearance along with its fish-like movements. Silverfish do not jump or fly. Silverfish are a nocturnal insect, primarily found in washrooms, kitchens and humidi spaces. You may also find a silverfish infestation in paper storage areas. Silverfish do not cause structural damage, but they typically feed on starchy products and will eat books, bindings and paper products. Occasionally they will eat crumbs and foodstuff left behind. You may even find them under furniture or carpets. Silverfish can be found year-round.

If you have noticed a silverfish infestation in your home or apartment, we can help! Typically we do a crack and crevice treatment to the baseboards, pipe openings and any other areas conducive to where silverfish harbour with a residual application. To better treat your home, we ask that you follow our preparations, which are provided at the time of booking and together we can help you get rid of your silverfish infestation!

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