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Rats & Mice Control

Apart from making people uncomfortable, mice and rats can turn into a rather large issue; potentially leading to structural damage to your home or establishment, as well as the numerous health risks they pose. Mice and rats tend to be present in crawlspaces, attics and garages. It is also very common to find them around areas that store food, or areas with food remnants. Typically mice and rats are nocturnal; if there is overpopulation you may notice them during the day as well. If you’ve noticed mice or rats on your property, Care Pest & Wildlife Control offers a range of rodent control options.

Mouse Control Methods

MouseMice are able to climb almost any rough surface, and are capable of fitting through openings that are ¼ inches in height. This means they can fit under doors, and other tiny cracks. This make is difficult to keep them out of a premise. We offer two methods of mouse control: The first is baiting where we set up tamper-resistant bait stations which house rodenticide bait. The second method is trapping, here we place traps in safe areas where mice frequent. Mice can pose potential damage in many ways. Firstly, they can be an extreme health hazard as they contaminate foodstuffs with urine and fecal matter. In terms of structural damage, they will gnaw and chew through walls, pipes and electrical wires.

Rat Control Methods

RatsMuch like mice, rats can pose many health and structural risks, and we have similar for rat control. We provide exterior baiting using anchored and tamper resistant bait to secure the rodenticide. We do not offer interior baiting for rats; this is because we want to eliminate the chance of rats dying in inaccessible areas. We also offer traps, which we place in safe areas where rats frequent, but away from small children and pets. We also strongly suggest a point of entry inspection shortly after traps are set up to take a look at potential entry points, and we will provide free estimates for screen work to keep rats out.

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