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Raccoon and Skunk Control

RaccoonIf you see a raccoon or skunk getting comfortable on your property, Care Pest & Wildlife Control can assist in humane skunk and raccoon control. Our Wildlife Division specializes in exclusion work, which means we seal up any entry-points to keep unwanted wildlife like raccoons and skunks from your entering building or structure.

Raccoons and Skunks are often found nesting inside attics and crawlspaces, and it is not uncommon to find them accessing exterior structures and hollowed-out trees. They feed on nuts, seeds, fruit, insects, and of course garbage – which is a major reason they are attracted to urban areas.

Raccoons can cause structural damage to your home if they are nesting, which can result in holes in the roof and insulation damage. Skunks leave a spray that is difficult to remove. Either animal may dig up lawns, sod, and gardens.

To humanely exclude raccoons and skunks, we install a one-way door and screen off potential points of entry. This allows the skunks or raccoons to leave without allowing their re-entry. Sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of the animal, so we always send a wildlife technician onsite to assess what kind of work should be done to get rid of the problematic creature.

We can also do environmental cleanups, which means we can take care of many nasty messes wildlife has left behind.

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