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Protecting your brand is our priority.  Care Pest Control is committed to protecting the reputation of our clients through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process which focuses on the long-term effectiveness of prevention and monitoring.  The effective, safe, customized service that you receive will allow you to operate at full capactiy and without disruption to your daily operations. 

Can Care Pest Control Service My Business?

Since 2000, our Technical Services Team has been providing outstanding care to businesses across the Lower Mainland including:

Commercial properties

Care Pest Control's customized pest control program that utilizes IPM techniques will give you peace of mind that your facility's unique pest challenges will be managed safely and effectively.  Programs are dependent on the age of the facility, location, structure, and current pest challenges.  You can count on Care Pest Control's experience and reputation in the industry for innovative solutions and consistent, quality work.

Educational institutions

From primary schools to universities, Care Pest Control provides full-service pest control prevention and maintenance that considers the complete health and safety of our children.  Our Technical Services Team is committed to using IPM best practices, are designed as QualityPro members, and subscribe to GreenPro which highlights our commitment to using the most sustainable pest control methods possible. 

Food manufacturing facilities and restaurants

Care Pest Control is attentive to the high standards of pest control within the food handling business.  This business is under constant scrutiny for food safety and quality standards and Care Pest Control is your solution to tough pest problems.  Our Technical Services Team comprises HACCP trained [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points] and AIB certified [American Institute of Baking] specialists.  Coupling industry specific knowledge with an Integrated Pest Management process, we will ensure that you are audit ready.

You will have peace of mind knowing that we can help you achieve exemplary results by incorporating customized reports, log books, prevention methods, green alternatives, bar code and scanner capabilities and web-based communications technology. 

Health Care

Health care facilities demand customized pest maintenance programs focused on safety, hygiene, and sensitivity to patient requirements.   In this unique environment, an IPM strategy combined with Care Pest Control's attention to detail will cater to the sensitive needs of your health care facility for all patients and caregivers alike.

Industrial Pond-Netting

The most reliable solution for the protection of waterfowl and other birds from entering industrial settling ponds, frac tanks, oil ponds, and more. We offer a variety of options for different situations and will work with you to provide an exceptional, custom job that best suits your needs.

Warehouses and Distribution Centres

Warehouses and distribution centers present a unique set of pest management challenges.  With variables such as products stored, building structure, government regulations and whether or not there are food supplies involved can make a difference to the treatment approach.  Collaborating with Care Pest Control, your warehouse will meet or exceed health regulations by incorporating customized reports and log books, prevention solutions, green options, bar code and scanner capability, and web-based communications technology.

Commercial Pest Control Services  Commercial Pest Control Services


There is no tolerance for pests in retail. Your employees and customers expect to work in a clean, safe environment. A pest maintenance program will give you peace of mind that your establishment meets and exceeds expectations. Care Pest Control will customize a pest maintenance program for your individual facility.

Property Management

As a property manager you need a fast response to pest problems. Your tenants expect a clean and healthy environment and your business depends on it. Additionally, some pests and wildlife can cause structural damage and public health risks resulting in significant losses in revenue and reputation. Partnering with Care Pest Control will provide you with a customized property management approach to ensure proactive techniques to keep your property pest-free.


Hotels, resorts, lodges and motels face unique challenges with high turnover, 24X7 operating hours, intense competition between brands and higher customer expectations than ever before. You work hard to attract and retain your customers and brand protection is essential in the hospitality industry. At Care Pest Control, we understand your unique challenges and will customize a program that outline prevention and control strategies with no disturbance to your guests.


Pest control within government facilities can involve multi-faceted challenges with respect to reporting and regulations. Care Pest Control will work with your agency to create a specialized program to fit your needs.

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