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INSPECTION – Have us take a look!

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

dog sniffing for bed bugs

We take pride in being the first company to bring bed bug sniffing dogs to British Columbia.  With the most experience in BC at handling these dogs, you can be sure to get the highest quality local customer service and expertise.  This innovative technology comes at the same high standards required of airport, bomb and drug detection dogs for the highest accuracy possible in the inspection of your house or apartment.  These dogs smell in parts per trillion and are far more sensitive than humans.  The K-9’s are able to distinguish the difference between live and dead bedbugs, finding them, and their viable eggs, even when they’re hiding in small cracks, crevices, or inside wall voids.  The K-9 inspection report is then used for a tailored treatment for the best results.  All of our K-9 teams go through rigorous daily reinforcement training to ensure consistency and accuracy.



Meet our Dog:



Our dogs have been trained through the NESDCA facility in Gainsville, Florida. The facility has a partnership with the Entomology department at the University of Florida, making their training comprehensive and accurate. They are trained to detect the smell of live bedbugs and viable eggs, making their inspections much more accurate than any human visual inspection.  

The benefits to using a NESDCA trained scent detection team, include live bedbug detection (i.e. dogs are trained to “hit” on live bedbugs and viable eggs, not dead bedbugs (as only live bed bugs indicate an active infestation) and the ability for dogs to detect bedbugs that are not visible to us (for example, bed bugs that are hiding inside furniture, a mattress / box spring or in clutter).  Because dogs use olfaction (i.e. using their sense of smell) to detect live bedbugs and/or viable eggs, they have the ability to detect bedbugs we cannot see.  It is because of their ability to smell bedbugs that give scent detection teams a tremendous advantage over human inspections, in that they can detect where bedbugs are hiding.  Humans cannot see through walls or furniture, and in most cases (because bedbugs hide during the daytime) can only find evidence of bedbugs (such as droppings or skin castings), which unfortunately doesn’t confirm if there is an active infestation.

Visual Inspections

Human inspections, which we refer to as visual inspections, involve a qualified person inspecting for bedbugs (including adults, nymphs, eggs or evidence of bedbugs such as skin castings or droppings) throughout your home.  A proper inspection would include inspecting bedroom furniture (including box springs, mattresses, bed frames, night tables, wardrobes, dressers and trunks) and all closets, curtain rods, picture frames, baseboards and all areas conducive to bed bug activity.  A proper inspection should be done with a flashlight, and furniture needs to be pulled away from walls so the back parts can also be inspected.

Pre-Move In Inspections

Are you moving or considering moving into a new place?  Save the headache and stresses related to bed bug infestations and use us to determine if your new place is bed bug free with either our K-9 inspection with our bedbug sniffing dogs or a Visual Inspection with one of our highly qualified specialists.

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