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The Effects of Pigeons

Aug 8, 2013

Pigeons: We see them everywhere. Walking on the street alongside you, perched above your favourite coffee shop, watching you from the top of a building… Everywhere you turn there’s that little bird. And if you are living in a large metropolis like Toronto or Vancouver, pigeons are nearly unavoidable.


But if you can avoid them, do. These seemingly harmless birds can have vast health effects on us. So let’s take a moment and explore how these little birds can do their damage.


Firstly, as many know, pigeons are known to carry diseases, including: salmonella, Newcastle disease, encephalitis and even more awful sounding diseases like these. Not only do they carry disease, but pigeons also carry a whole slew of other pests, including: lice, ticks mites, fleas and more…all those other things we try to avoid.


Other than the health risks these pesky little birds pose, they can also cause structural damage in many ways. More than just their droppings being unsightly, the droppings also contain uric acid, which is highly corrosive and can cause damage to the exterior of homes and other buildings they lay claim to.


Finally, apart from their corrosive and unsightly droppings; pigeons when nesting can potentially cause water damage- clogging up drainage system, which can become blocked by their nests.


As you can see these pests can cause many adverse effects to both our health and homes, so if you are experiencing a pigeon issue, give us a call and we can give you a free quote, and put a halt on the unpleasant risks that are associated with pigeons.

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