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Why Have a K9 Inspection?

October 28, 2013

Bedbugs are a tough pest to get rid of, and of course we at CARE are committed to coming up with the best solutions to keep them out of your home. With that said, the first service we offer in order to help you get rid of bedbugs is a detailed K9 inspection. Often people wonder why we offer this service, and what the benefits are: the most valuable reason we offer this service is that our K-9 bedbug detection teams can detect bedbugs where humans cannot.

People react differently to bedbugs, and this service is a great way to determine whether or not you have bedbugs present in your home.

With our canines you can have verifiable results, immediately- giving you that peace of mind knowing that you don’t have bedbugs, or if you do- we cater treatments to where our team has found the activity. These K9 inspections allow our technicians to hone in on particularly problematic areas when they do the treatments.


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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

August 12, 2011

Although virtually invisible to the naked eye, bed bugs can wreak havoc in your home.  If you are looking for information about how to get rid of bed bugs, there is little doubt that you have already experienced the stress and headache that a bed bug infestation can bring.  Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get rid of bed bugs, which is why you will likely want to seek the assistance of a professional pest control operator.  Nevertheless, there are some techniques you can try first to get rid of bed bugs, although some of these methods will be costly.

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