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Remedies for Ants

Jan 28, 2013

Ants are a common and particularly resilient pest.  Ants live in large colonies and often infiltrate gardens and kitchens for food sources.  Once they have found food, they communicate via chemical messages with other worker ants so that they can also locate the food source.  In a very short time frame, ants can establish themselves in your cupboards, trash, and gardens and they can be very difficult to remove.  In fact, one of the biggest issues with ant control is that they have a wide food range; but they are a particular nuisance because they tend to enjoy the same foods as humans – sweets, oily foods, and starchy foods.  So what are some effective remedies for ants?


Before we discuss how to get rid of an ant infestation, it is important to note that eradicating an ant colony can be incredibly difficult.  Most home owners will try the do-it-yourself route only to find that professional pest control services are the only feasible answer.  While you’re certainly welcome to attempt controlling ants on your own, always remember that professional pest control services are available and they tend to be more effective and efficient.


Nevertheless, here are some tips that may be your ideal remedy for ants.

  1. Observe the movements of the ants in your home and try to trace their pathway.  Ants can enter through crevices in moulding or door jams, windows, and other entry points but they’ll usually follow the same path to food.  Ensure these crevices are sealed.
  2. Inspect damaged or cracked structures for ant infestations.
  3. Carefully dispose of food and waste so they don’t attract ants. 
  4. Properly storing food and garbage will prevent ant infestations.  Leftovers should be stored in a sealed container or in your refrigerator.  Sweet foods in your cupboards should also be properly stored.  Honey, sugar, cookies, and syrup will attract ants so make sure their containers are clean and completely sealed. 
  5. Keep living spaces clean and sanitary.  Wash floors with warm soap and water, or use a bleaching agent along ant pathways to destroy their chemical messages.


If you have tried all these  ant remedies with little or no success, it is time to call a professional pest control technician.  Ants are not only an annoying pest, but they can cause damage to the structure and value of your home.  Be sure to take ant infestations seriously.

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