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Humane Pest Removal

Apr 26, 2011

Humane Pest Control

Getting rid of Raccoons is very important as they can contribute to disease in humans, expensive clean-ups, loss of tGenants and structural damage. CARE Pest & Wildlife Control can safely and humanely remove and relocate raccons from your premises.CARE Pest believes in minimizing harm to animals. We are an animal friendly pest control company that works with the BC SPCA toward humane pest control practices.

Information on Raccoons

raccoons control To many people, raccoons are considered cute. However, they can cause damage to your property or harm to small children and pets. Raccoons come out at night and pillage through garbage cans or compost bins. They tend to nest under decks, in attics or crawlspaces around a structure. Our programs include humane removal of all family (including adults and pups) and point of entry exclusion as well as preventative screening. 
CARE Pest & Wild Life Control is the leader in Humane Pest Removal in Vancouver and the fraser valley. We provide green options, innovative solutions, quality work and competitive pricing since 2000.

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