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How to Get Rid of Sparrows

Nov 9, 2012

Bird lovers would probably scoff at the idea of ridding your property of sparrows.  While some people certainly find relaxation and comfort in observing bird behaviour, the reality is that sparrows are a non-native species to North America and they can threaten native species and also cause damage to your property.  Indeed, sparrows are known to hunt other species of adult bird as well as their eggs, and sparrows will sometimes even destroy nests.  Unfortunately, despite their aggression, sparrows are small birds and their populations can be very difficult to manage.  Regardless of whether some people find sparrows attractive and interesting to watch, these birds are widespread and carry a range of parasites and germs as well.  Due to their highly adaptive nature, they can survive in a range of environments; so how do you get rid of sparrows?


Identifying Sparrows


The first step in controlling sparrows on your property is identification.  Sparrows are small, brownish-coloured birds with white underbellies and facial markings.  Their beaks are short, and their bodies tend to be round in shape.  Sparrows usually build nests from dry grass in small cavities.  They may build their nest in holes in walls or in trees.  Their eggs are grey in colour with small brown and black spots.  Once you have identified the sparrows on your property, you can attempt to get rid of them.


Remove Nests


Your first plan of action should be to remove all sparrow nests.  In addition, should you find eggs in the sparrow’s nest, you will also need to destroy them; however, often just touching the eggs will cause their parents to abandon them.  In many cases, once the nest has been removed and destroyed, sparrows will move on and nest elsewhere.  While this may mean an easy solution to your problem, there is no guaranteeing that the sparrows will not nest on your property again.


Still, you will also want to eliminate nesting spots for sparrows.  Because they like to build their nests in small openings including holes in walls or siding, in gutters, in roofing tiles and more, you’ll want to fill or cover such openings.


Unfortunately, rules and regulations around the protection of birds in the Lower Mainland can be quite strict and limit the pest control techniques that can be used to resolve a bird problem.  Whenever you are having issues with any pests, including birds like sparrows, you should speak to a pest control professional.  They have the tools, experience, and knowledge to rid your property of sparrows permanently.

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