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Household Pest Treatment Vs. Professional Pest Treatment

Jul 19, 2012


The advent of the Internet, and its wide availability, has opened up boundless possibilities when it comes to solving life’s many issues. The Internet is the new way to ask your neighbor for advice, and everyone has their own home remedies and tricks in order to deal with whatever dilemma comes their way. What to choose, and who to believe are common concerns, which is why some people prefer to have an expert handle a nuisance. When it comes to pest control though, how does a person go about handling it? Do you do it yourself, or do you call a pest control professional?




First, we’ll talk about trying to handle it on your own and some common household remedies that people have been known to use. There are certain foods that are said to ward off many types of insects such as ants, cockroaches, moths, mites and flies. We’ve heard of home remedies such as spreading cayenne pepper, cucumber peels, cinnamon and chalk in the areas where activity is seen to deter pests from coming inside or making a nest. These methods may be effective – for a short period of time. These methods are used purely to remedy the symptoms but don’t eliminate the cause, meaning ants, other insects, or bugs can still make their way into your home! They can get into kitchen areas, bathrooms and wall voids causing damage and nuisance. Simple tricks like the ones listed above can be barriers acting like a fence, but unfortunately, fences can be breached. Also, all pests have their own aversions and getting rid of one pest using cucumber, for example, could attract another pest!


Making the decision to use professional pest control services does not have to be complicated. Doing a small amount of research can dismiss a lot of concerns. One concern many homeowners have is the use of pesticides in their home. Care Pest uses an ecological approach to pest management that focuses on techniques to eliminate pests effectively, economically, and with an environmental consciousness.  A key component of our service is prevention with an emphasis on minimizing the use of pesticides.


Pest control services reach far beyond effective treatment. Care Pest is able to expertly:

  • Detect pest populations at an early stage;
  • Find the source of the issue and the limits of its spread;
  • Assess the size of the pest population and determine the damage done;
  • Determine building layouts and note conditions contributing to pest problems; and
  • Evaluate the success of pest control problems.

It can be a difficult process trying to handle a situation without professional advice. Call a pest control professional like Care Pest to have your problem eradicated for good!

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