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CarePest at the BC Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair

Jul 25, 2013

On July 6, 2013 our K9 handler Taylor Ross participated in BC Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair, an annual event that is committed to raising funds for cancers below the waist.

The event hopes to remove the stigma associated with these “hidden” cancers which effect 48 percent of all cancers diagnosed in BC, as stated on the Underwear Affair’s website.

Proceeds from the Underwear Affair go to the BC Cancer Foundation, specifically looking for cures for cancers like prostate, ovarian and many more. Participants are encouraged to strip down to their underwear, or otherwise outrageous costumes as they walk or run to raise money for these cancers effecting both men and women.


It was July 2012 when Taylor, as well as her soccer team, the Richmond Red Devils learned that their team manager, known as Mama Jean, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. There was no question that Taylor and her team would battle cancer by her side, and decided to participate in last year’s Underwear Affair. It was an amazing moment to cross the finish line along with Mama Jean.

Sadly, after a tough battle with cancer, Mama Jean passed away on February 23rd, 2013, making this year’s Underwear Run particularly meaningful. Taylor’s soccer team decided pay their manager homage calling themselves “Red Devils For Mama Jean”, and collectively raised over $11,000 dollars as a team, including donations made by Care Pest, raising the second highest amount among all Underwear Affair teams in Vancouver!

As a K9 Handler, Taylor is busy with her canine Skye sweeping units for bedbug activity; if the pair finds bed bug activity we send a proposal to our client for treatment options.

We are very proud of Taylor and the efforts she has put forth in raising both funds and awareness to these below-the-belt cancers that affect so many.

BC Underwear Affair

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