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Care Pest at the 30th annual Vancouver Sun Run

Apr 28, 2014


On Sunday April 27, 2014 three of our office staff: Victoria, Shaye and Laura, participated in the 30th Annual Vancouver Sun Run.


When the three expressed interest in the Sun Run, Care Pest Control decided to sponsor the ladies in support of an active and fit lifestyle. It was the first time participating in an organized run of this length for each of the ladies. They all agreed it would be a good idea – not only to get fit – but also participate in an event that truly brings the community together.


Shaye asked her co-workers if they would like to participate in this year’s Sun Run and Laura and Victoria decided to it would be a great idea, using the 10K race as a perfect reason to hit the pavement! Nearly every day they would discuss their progress, and at times struggles, training for the Sun Run.


When the day came the girls, donning the signature green “Care” shirts, joined over 40,000 others to participate in the largest organized run in Canada with mixed emotions: partially nervousness but also excitement! As soon as the race started, it was excitement that prevailed, leading them to finish the run in great time! 


Victoria, Shaye and Laura agreed the feeling was exhilarating joining thousands as they ran through Vancouver’s downtown core. Running by strangers as they cheered on the participants was inspiring, and finally crossing the finish line provided a feeling of accomplishment that filled the ladies with pride and excitement to participate in more runs in the future. "I trained so hard for this, as it was my first offical run. I made myself proud and felt amazing throughout and after the run," said Victoria, "It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait unitl next year."

Sun Run 2014

Clockwise:  The footwear; the route of this year's Sun Run; the girls after the finish. 



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