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Bird Control in Vancouver

Jun 4, 2012

Spring has sprung, and summer is well on its way, so you know what that means: babies! And specifically at this time of year we deal with baby birds, including all of the nesting concerns that come with them. Business and building owners should be aware of this because rooftops, ledges, and roof soffits can be a prime target for birds to roost in, which can cause structural damage. Issues like these can be avoided with the right knowledge and expertise.


 What comes along with birds are not just beautiful songs and early wake up calls, but bird droppings. Over time the build up can cause problems such as bird mites. These tiny bugs will irritate customers, tenants and employees. The mites float down in air currents landing on skin and clothing biting the host. The bird problem now becomes a compound one: the building manager or owner is dealing with the nuisance of the birds, the unpleasant sight of droppings, and the mites. Who wants to deal with that? Trying to handle this issue on your own can lead to:

·The cost of continuing to clean up after birds wasting time and money,

·Customers, employees and tenants being driven away by incessant noise and annoyance,

·And the aesthetics of a building being affected negatively.


 Understanding the impact wildlife can have on structures and the environment we work in is key to understanding your own needs as an owner or manager. A primary reason wildlife work is done is to protect your family, employees, and reputation. Postponing work to resolve your bird problem can lead to serious health risks, and even result in a facility being closed temporarily – resulting in disruption to business, employees, and reputation.  It is recommended to resolve problems as soon as they occur!


Hesitating to do wildlife work because of a fear of re-occurrence is not the choice to make. Care Pest & Wildlife Control Ltd. offers humane practices, and specializes in prevention of problems from becoming repeat issues. We also offer industry-leading warranties. Our bird control experts are here to help you. They will keep the only interaction you have with birds a positive one!

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